The Black Panda: The best PeterFever Parody yet. Comming soon!

The Black Panda a gay parody coming soon. According to Danny Z Zeeman who is the producer, this one will be the best yet!  So we are all looking forward to see it on!
There is not much new about the story, but if you have seen Black Panther , I’ll guess there will be some kind of hilarious similarities ūüėČ

“The Black Panda” Video courtesy of

Some of the stars will be : Ken Ott, Alex Chu and Levy Foxx, who seems to be the youngest Asian new addition to the crew. Also staring muscle hunks Sean Duran and Bryce Evans and not to forget as The Black Panda, Osiris Blade. More announcements are said to be coming soon, we are all very exited to see this new interracial gay-porn-parody coming up on PeterFever soon.

Now take a look at PeterFever and while waiting for “The Black Panda” to show up ,¬† enjoy their other gay-parodies or just wank off to their hot Asian guys!

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Levy Foxx, Alex Chu and Ken Ott in Black Panda
Levy Foxx, Alex Chu and Ken Ott are Super Pandas who going to protect their sacred peckeranium. Good luck with that!