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Sweaty Japanese Boys have sex after a game of Badminton

Sweaty Japanese boys need a break after a hard game of badminton. But their break end up in sweaty hard sex instead, OMG!  …and thanks to JapanBoyz.


Japanese twink Manabu invite Keiji over for some games. While they play Badminton, Manabu studies the body of his young friend. Taking a break, he suggest they go back to the hotel room and shower, and we can feel the sexual tention. Once they’re both clean, Manabu pull Keiji in for a nice long kiss; his body must feel so good. Backing him up against the headboard, he lick and suck all his sexy parts.
Keiji, who will bottom, also blows his big thick cock before he rides. Bouncing on sweaty Manabu, that boy hole must feel amazing; Keiji is tight, but he goes until he opens up. Manabu position that hot bottom however he want; Keiji agrees, must feel so good. Pumping inside, Ending up with Keiji lying in front of him. Manabu jerk until he have to cum and explode all over his dick and stomach. Keiji strokes his hot cum on his dick, he take over and jerk him off until he too blows; team sports are the best. The athletic top in this JapanBoyz.com film is Manabu.

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