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RIKU GIVES IT TO HAIRY HIDEAKI – Hairy Gay Japanese fuck

RIKU GIVES IT TO HAIRY HIDEAKI, Japanese twink fucking his hairy buddy who’s cock looks like it’s about to explode any second!


White skinned Japanese twink Riki making out with his hairy buddy Hideaki. They barely have time to get of their undies before getting in there, sucking each others cock and hole.

Here it is the hairy hole who’s gonna get it, that’s Hideaki. Riku licks it clean and moist first, before adding lube and some fingers to loosen up. He has to brush those hair aside, to get into the hole, plunging his cock inside. THAT’s a hungry ass and a horny boy. Hideaki the bottom stays rock hard all the time while being fucked.

It’s an all intense and hairy fucking scene, ending up in lots of lots of cum unloading on a very hairy tummy!

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