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Oliver Wooo get his Chinese ass fisted – TORN , Alex Abysse and Oliver Wooo

Oliver Wooo get his smooth Asian ass fisted by fellow fist-lover Axel Abysse. Extreme anal sex for interracial sex-lovers: WARNING this VIDEO is not for the fainthearted!

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The guys have ripped jeans and white jockstrap, matching caps and heavy piercings. Chinese twink Oliver Wooo and Caucasian twink Axel Abysse are pared up for a wild interracial fist session. The twinks are covered in sweat and lube, open their young holes one after the other, before engaging in a round of 69 punch-fisting!

Don’t miss out on Olivers big red rose! That’s a beauty of an Asian rosebud!

Oliver WoooWho is Oliver Wooo ?  He is an muscular Asian guy from Shanghai, China. Working as a Fashion designer, makes his own fetish costumes on his spare-time.

Oliver got fisted first time quite younh in college by a fellow younger student. After graduation, Oliver met his first real boyfriend. He was working in a sexshop while, letting Oliver picking the biggest dildo he could find for free.

No wonder it was love at first sight, he since got his hole trained on a nearly daily basis. No wonder his spintcher is so stretchy!

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Video-captures from the full hardcore scene with Oliver Woo and Axel Abysse:

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