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Ladyboy Kitty is an incredible Thai teenager, only 18 years old.  She/he lives in Bangkok, got braces smile and a slim fuckdoll body.
To summon up his stats: 45 kg’s , 170 cm tall and slim cock about 19 cm long, uncut. Kitty got nice medium sized natural tits from hormone treatment, and without makeup he is the cutest boy. With makeup, the cutest and most naughty girl you could ever imagine at LadyBoyGold.

Kitty is the perfect fuck toy in the bedroom. This piece of Femboy heaven will have your mouth watering, especially after you see her in action. Kitty loves being fucked hard and deep inside her boyish ass, accepting every inch of cock.

I have collected together 4 videos with Kitty and one photo set.  She is a true Ladyboy porn star at LadyBoyGold :

Video 1: Ladyboy Kitty : Tomboy Bareback Handjob

In this video Kitty is at her more boyish side. I’ll guess that is where the “tomboy” title come from.  This is the way I like her best, looking more like a boy and not a girl.
She play with the old Cameraman’s cock, showing her firm breasts.  Then turning around, showing her sexy smooth teenage Thai-boy-ass.  So fucking sexy, while the guy play with her ass, prepping her for a raw fuck!
This video is a part of the  LadyBoyGold  handjob-series, however she get bareback fucked first!

Photo gallery: Kitty in a Futsal outfit, pulling out anal-beads.

Futsal is extremely popular in Thailand, even some people mix it up with football. The rules are a bit different, smaller ball and often “indoor”.  However, I do find Kitty extremely sexy in this outfit, specially when only wearing a shirt, no underwear… THAT ASS!
Here she show off, so sexy and such a tease.  Giving us a perfect view of her ass and anus, putting anal-beads inside and pulling them out while jerking her long hard cock.

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Video 2: Ladyboy Kitty: In the Ladies Room

Ladyboy Kitty cleaning out her ass with the hand-shower in the lady’s toilet.  Pretty kinky, but it is all clear water squirting out of her hole. Enema fun it is!
She then spread her ass-cheeks , inserting a pink butt-plug.  That makes her long bended cock go rock card, and she play with the plug while she jerk off and shoot her cum.  Oh yeah! Ladyboys cum too!

Video 3: Ladyboy Kitty: Football Fuck

Kitty play with her stiff nipple in her Futsal outfit, stroking her cock and spreading her ass open for the camera.  She get a present, more anal-beads are in the game.  With a helping hand they are inserted.
Then the cameraman want some teen lips over his white cock. Kitty sucks and lick him,  while jerking her cock. She is such a professional ladyboy prostitute.
The best part is when she sit down on the old man’s cock! No questions asked, no condom, no problem!  That old fucker got a god grip on her big cock while fucking her.  Will he cum inside ? Trust me, he normally do, and let it leak out again before pushing it inside.

Video 4: Ladyboy Kitty: Emerald Winker

18 year old Kitty sucking White old man’s dirty cock. She takes it deep, using her tongue. Once again she proves that she is worth the money.  Looks like she like it so much she could do it for free, but we all need money.
Next up a metal butt-plug is inserted into her smooth boy hole.  So pretty! Showing her perfect round wrinkled hole when it is pulled out again, so stretchy!
Once again Kitty is getting fucked, bareback again.  This is another guy, totally unprotected sex!  Love to see that cock slide condom free inside that young boy (ladyboy) hole, she moans and is still rock hard.

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