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Kit – Asian femboy on hormones

Asian femboy Kit from Privateboymovie is a sweet guy with smooth skin,nice cock and a very hungry ass. This boy is a bottom and he love to show it!

However for those who has seen Kit photos before and video from Privateboymovie.  His body has changed a bit due to taking hormones.  Some might like it, other not.  Why ? I’ll guess he did not want to go to the army, where Ladyboys are not allowed. Because as far as our intel go: Kit never finished his transition!

Still his cock is not as big and full of spunk as before, his ball have also shrunk a bit. We can even see small breast forming. Giving him a even sweeter and more feminine look, like a young girl.

One thing for sure: Kit put up a hell of a sexy show for the photographer , letting us all want to penetrate that young smooth Asian hole of his. THAT’S a BOY PUSSY!

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