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Ken Ott getting a sexy gay massage by his Vietnamese coach

Ken Ott is feeling stiff in his back and call’s up his baseball coach.  Jessie Lee as the coach is very willing to help out, because he’s got a crush on his fit young baseball-hunk.
In the PeterFever Baseball Team Massage is best done naked, so Ken lay down on the bench all nude.  Jessie rubs him in with oil, however he seems to be paying more attention to Ken’s hard Asian buttocks.

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Talking about stiff…. When Ken turn around to get his abs and chest massaged, his cock has grown. Jessie sucks up the big opportunity with such passion until Ken shoot his load. Jessie of course slurp up the cum from his handsome crush, like any Asian lovers would do.
That is not the end of it, because coach has been longing for Ken’s bubble-butt for a long time now…  Ken ain’t difficult, even he just came, he offers his winking anus to Jessie!

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