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Kaoru and Manabu in WELL-CUM BACK! at JapanBoyz

Karou is glad to return to JapanBoyz.com because they got such hot models like Manabu. After seeing his great smile and ripped abs, Karou seems very happy and pleased to be filming with him.

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They boys instantly connect; bodies intertwine as Karou lick Manabu’s nipples and feel his bulge. Kissing softly, he then work my way down to his cock and taste; what a big head.
He know Manabu usually bottoms so he use some lube to play. Working that tight hole, it takes him a bit. Manabu whimpers as Karou finger fuck him.
Sucking his dick, the boy really knows how to enjoy a man. Going back and forth orally, they then help one another blow some nice thick loads, especially Manabu. All at  JapanBoyz.com

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Thank’s to JapanBoyz.com  for having Kaoru back in the game, it  is awesome!

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