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Kanata and Manabu in a finger fuck frenzy

Kanata getting his Asian boy ass full of eager finger from his horny counterpart, Manabu at  JapanBoyz.com . Who would not finger fuck that smooth Japanese ass!

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Kanata got another call from JapanBoyz.com, He arrive at Manabu’s; these boys do seem to do a lot of hard work. Manabu hope he can be of ass-in-stance today; Kanata’s muscles seem really tense. Rubbing his groin area, He have found the necessary muscle to concentrate on; relieving some tension is just what they both need.
With his hole already puckering, Manabu suggest he put his hands on Kanata; his glutinous maximus in-us really needs stretching. It’s not long before they are naked, hard and 69ing; looks like his ass is in good hands as Manabu fingers him. After sucking his substantial muscle, he tries to work his way in, but needs to finger him a bit more; two digits are better than one they say.

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Together they fuck all the kinks out of one another and a couple of happy endings are just what we needed. Kanata returns for loads more work, becoming a quick fan favorite at JapanBoyz.com.

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