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John Rene – New gay Asian Filipino model jerking off

John Rene is a new gay-porn student at Spunk University. He’s a dark brown sexy Filipino with nearly a Latin look and sexiness, doing his first solo, proud of his muscular body and sweet Asian cock.


At first in the beginning of his porn scene, he get guided trough a little “fashion-show”, making sure everything is perfect. Then wearing see trough fishnet undies that will cause a serious impact on some viewers, even before all the clothes are off.

Rave Hardick is also present in this scene, as a stylist and a professional fluffer. Who can’t help giving John’s butt a good smack. After all the modelling the Filipino boy is ready for more revealing scenes in the bed. Stretching out, exposing all of his naked toned body. Turning over for some tempting closeups of his dark brown Asian ass.
His cock get rock hard, stroking it for the camera while his ass give sexy little pumps.

Next he pumps and fuck his dick with a clear fleshlight. The camera catches it all from every revealing angle we can think of. Soon enough the Asian boy pulls out his Pinoy cock and it’s almost about to explode. Holding one hand over his pubes and stroking with the other, he shoots a couple of days worth of cum over his brown golden abs.

Some of John Rene’s nude modeling shots :

This Asian guy got a good connection with the camera. Handsome young twink, great body. Let’s hope the “headmaster” Mr. Dickham will bring him in for more sessions.
How about a bareback scene with Rave Hardick and John Rene ? THAT WOULD BE GREAT!

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Here’s also a few shots from John’s video, jerking and using a fleshlight until cumming:

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