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Jessie Lee taking Gabe Dalessandro to keep the Team spirit up

Jessie Lee is the gay baseball coach for the PeterFever A(sian)-Team.  He is not afraid to take or cock or two up the ass for the team. Better keep team spirit up , or should we say hard… :


It is hard to be a gay Baseball-trainer, sometimes the players push too far. Sometimes being set up with other guys who push his “buttons” for a shot at the game; any gay trainer know how that works!
Ken Ott sends over Gabe Dalessandro, a player with stunning bodily prospects; he pulls out his hard cock and deep throats the trainer. Asking if he can eat his ass, he bend over and show him the “inerfield.” Getting a full display!
Gabe fuck the coach like a real pro, Jessie Lee (the coach) is “taking one for the Peterfever baseball team“.

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