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Japanese virgin boy Toshiya and Fuji BREAKING IN THE NEW YEAR

Japanese virgin boy Toshiya having intercourse with a guy for the first time, he wanted someone who knew what they were doing. Toshiya have messed around, but now he wanted to be fucked. He got an idea and called up JapanBoyz.com , why not get some hard cash out of his virgin ass.

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Turns out they hooked him up with slim young top Fuji :
Meeting him, I was just so shy, he’s so cute and friendly. After a chat, he takes over and sucks me; I was nervous I couldn’t get hard, but there was no problem. Fuji is already hard when I put my lips on him; what a beautiful cock. Lubing up his fingers, my partner puts me on my back and at ease; he works in a couple of fingers. The sensation is much more pleasurable when someone else does it for you. Sliding in, Fuji goes very slowly at first; his large cock feels great from the start. Giving me many different positions, Fuji’s expertise is apparent; I am in awe of his abilities. Going back to a missionary style, Fuji now pounds me like a rabbit and I like it, a lot. That action has him blowing his load on me; he then strokes me off, which doesn’t take that long. My cum is much thicker than usual; Fuji felt so good.

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Toshiya is a new model for JapanBoyz.com.  Sweet face , slightly a bit more meat on his bones then the other boys. Pretty sure he will be featured more, it is something with his innocent look…

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