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Jo know how much Manabu can satisfy, so when JapanBoyz.com said he was going to be fucked by him, well, you can see Jo’s inviting gratitude. Jo take Manabu’s cock into his mouth, he then stretches out; it’s his turn. While they kiss and grind, Manabu teases his hole, before he gets serious. Pulling out some lube and a sex-toy, he enjoys the view, as Jo relish the sensation. Manabu gloves up and “pops” his way in.

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Enthusiastic from the start, Manabu pumps hard and fast, before slowing to deepen his penetration. Feeling amazing, they interlock and fuck feverishly. With his athletic body working hard, Manabu puts Jo into several positions; this boy can fuck. Ready to taste his load, he lick and jack until he releases; Jo’s load adds to his. Manabu can have him anytime.
Jo is one of JapanBoyz newer models and his eager hole is a pleasure to watch.


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