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GAYVENGERS EPISODE 4 got it all, a wild threesome in all colors. Asian, Black and Latino, featuring Axel Kane, Max Konnor and Dominic Pacifico.  Who’s your favorite = Watch for yourself here:

Download: PETERFEVER : GAYVENGERS EPISODE 3: INTERROGATION – Shen Powers and Dominic Pacifico

After Phallos’ minion escaped, the American Captain (Dominic Pacifico) drags stunned Panther, T’Balla (Max Konnor) into the house and explains the scene to his boyfriend Bucky Soldier (Axel Kane). Bucky comforts Cap and they begin making out.

The hard dicks beneath their superhero jocks grind against each other, and Cap sucks Bucky’s nipple before dropping to his knees to suck the gorgeous muscular hero. Cap’s cock immediately rises to a stiff woody as he sucks cock and beats off. When he begs his buddy to fuck his ass, Bucky also rises to the occasion. Bucky plows in hard, grabbing Cap by the hips and driving in. Both superstuds smack together in a mighty clash of perfect muscle. T’Balla wakes from his stupor, starts to deliver his message but thinks better and pumps his dick into Cap’s hungry mouth, as they all form a perfect spitroast.

T’balla’s huge ebony pole comes to perfect use as he takes his place to slam into Cap’s hole and Bucky feeds his boyfriend a dick diet. Cap’s body rocks back and forth between Bucky’s long rod in his throat and T’Balla’s big chocolate stick in his wide-open ass. Things hurtle toward a super climax as The Panther’s cock reams Capt before Bucky takes over once more, then tags his top buddy again to fuck on in.

When Cap kneels down, he gets showered with a thick simultaneous spray of cum from both studs, the leather-clad Soldier and the ebony-muscled Panther.

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