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Lonii Li and Jace – Gay Asian jogger fucked HARD!

Gay Asian jogger fucked HARD by a White dude that picks him up along the way. Lonii Li and Jace, two gays, same hairdos, interracial sex at it’s best from PeterFever.com.

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Asian hunk Lonii Li is out for his daily happy-run, and it’s a great day! He get stopped by Jace who got the same corny hair-style like him. So it’s a match at first sight!

No time for words here, Jace pulls out his sweaty cock for a hungry jogger. Lonii take what he can get, slurping and sucking like there was no day tomorrow, wanting that protein shake so much. But Jace want to eat his sweaty ass first, lick it clean and fuck it hard, the boy has to deserve his protein-shake first!

Jace slide hard and deep into Lonii’s smooth anal pucker, pumping Lonii like it was life or death in doggy-style. Next up Lonii sit on top of the big curved cock, so his smooth Asian balls are bouncing up and down. Then Jace want to go for the final pump, he switch Jace over on all fours again. Pumping hard and harder, pulling out and shooting his cum all over Lonii’s happy face.
FINALLY the Asian jogger got his White creamed protein shake!

Lonii Li and Jace - Gay Asian jogger fucked HARD!

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