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Fat boy Junichi fucked by slim Japan twink Fuji

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Fuji’s story:
Junichi is a nice fat boy I have not fucked in a while. Calling him up, he heads over to my apartment. As we strip and suck one another, I enjoy how responsive he is to my mouth. With both of us hard, he turns and presents his hole for me to play; Junichi will bottom today. Slowly, I am able to move from a couple of digits to a toy; I forgot just how tight Junichi is. Allowing me to fuck him, the boy goes on his back and spreads his legs fully. Sliding in carefully, I am able to continue our pleasure with some deep thrusting. Switching out to various positions, Junichi and I both agree, it feels good. Close, I pull out and ooze a nice load onto his groin, and then give him a hand. As I look on, Junichi gives a final tug and blows up to his chest with a sizeable load.

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