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David Ace is the Golden Ass in THE DEUCE EPISODE 8

David Ace is one lucky Asian hustler, he get fucked by Muscular Jessie aka China Gold the pimp in The Deuce Episode 8 at PeterFever. If we see apart from the weird and funny dancing scene, it’s fucking amazing seeing David taking that big Vietnamese cock in his smooth anus!

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China Gold aka Jessie Lee’s story:
Best part of bein’ Golden is the booty cash. Rewarding David Ace with some boogie, I then take him back to the motel for my pleasure. Worshiping my cock, David knows how to use that mouth; now it’s time to taste his ass, filled with the scent of today’s Johns. Fuckin’ him deep, by the time I’m done, so is he. Feelin’ tender, I even let him stay the night; he’s so in love with me.

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