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COVERBOY TOMONO TOPS TOMOHISA this week at JapanBoyz. Sweet twink Tomohisa get the cock in his smooth shaved ass he always dreamed of. His dream boy is Badi Magazine coverboy, Tomono.
Lucky fucker!


JapanBoyz story:
Tomono is a coverboy of popular Japanese magazine Badi, appearing for the first time here at Japanboyz. Tomono claims not to know if he can call himself bisexual, but he likes gay people and hopes he can build his own popularity and Japanboyz as well.

Interview over, and Tomono kisses Tomohisa sensually, rubbing his hands over Tomohisa’s lean hard chest. He reaches up to feel the sensitive nipples, and gingerly grazes Tomohisa’s crotch. his experienced partner moans in encouragement when Tomono flicks his tongue around and finally pulls down his briefs to reveal an already hard cock.
Tomono licks and nibbles Tomohisa’s dick then goes in and takes it all into his mouth, tickling his balls and sucking all the way to the root.

Tomohisa leads him to the bed and grabs a handful of Tomono’s thick cock. When he drops his briefs, Tomono is already hard and ready for action. Tomohisa sucks deeply and takes his new friend’s uncut piece all the way in, softly stroking it as he catches his breath.
Tomono has it easy, just lying back and enjoying the careful attention. He slides a pair of condom-wrapped finger up Tomohisa’s hole and works to open him up for fucking. Lubing the ass up, he prepares to enter his young buddy.

Tomono is hard and slick with lube when he enters Tomohisa, and glides in smoothly. Tomohisa wraps his legs around Tomono’s waist and breathes slowly as he’s pumped full of hard cock. Tomono’s ass is firm and hairy, bobbing as he plows deep into Tomohisa. He lies back with Tomohisa still impaled on him, lets his partner ride the hard meat at his own speed.

When both hot young guys are primed and ready to blow, Tomono kneels behind and plows straight into Tomohisa’s eager butt. He speed up and mounts him missionary style, and creamy lube runs down Tomohisa’s crack as the fucking gets fast and hard. Throwing back his head, Tomono groans and milks out a thick splatter across his young friend. Tomohisa can’t hold back another second and joins him is spraying sticky cum down his beating fist.

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