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Alex Chu Erotic Training Sessions

Alex Chu is warming us up with a sexy session in the gym before letting us join him for a very wet shower. A sweet solo with a buff Asian guy from Peterfever .


Come along and join Alex Chu in an erotic session of pure self serving pleasure. After being in awe of seeing snow for the very first time in his life, Alex hits the gym. It’s very important to Alex to keep his body in shape and to maintain a physique that will make him feel great and will keep the boys looking and cumming. Alex returns home and does a few more exercises before he peels off his sweaty gym clothes and hits the shower. The hot water feels good hitting his skin with the cold weather outside.

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Alex takes his time, enjoying each and every second as he lathers up and cleans his swollen balls, his sweaty crack, and his tight little nipples. After priming his uncut dick and getting himself hard, he hops out of the shower and towels off before heading to the couch. He pops in a video of Peter Le in an erotic solo and jacks his big hard cock as he fingers his hole and takes time to feel every inch of his own hard body. Alex deserves his alone time and finishes himself off by spraying his own face and tight, hard body with cum. Alex is drenched and his fantasies are all you’ve ever imagined.
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