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Tag: Speedo

Japan Twink Beach 3

25 October, 2012 (16:09) | JapanBoyz | By: admin

Here is JapanBoyz story from this hot new feature ; Gota Yamaguchi is a honey of a boy, who likes to play for the camera. Well, he actually likes to play with himself for you, in front of the camera. For, here’s Gota, who wants to have some fun; will you play along or wait until he invites you? Gota shows us his dick and his hole, both are impressive and sweet. He puckers his anus and jerks himself hard. Presenting his hole, he then turns as he strokes, giving us a beautiful shot of himself. His gluts twitch as he masturbates. He then flexes his dick and tugs; his moans and pants are so sensual. I zoom in on his face as he pleasures himself toward orgasm. Gota runs his fingers through his hair, showing us his sexy eyes. He then closes them, as he can no longer hold himself back; he shoots streams of hot jizz right into the camera lens. Looking deep into the camera, he sniffs the essence of his work, then begins to lick the camera; this is where you cum in.His tongue is positioned to go deep into your hole. This boy is a creamy treat who knows how to rim. Then, waiting on the bed, he watches as you slide off all of your clothes and show him your cock. Although he has already cum, his exuberance at seeing your cock is heightened as you stroke and tug. He begins to pant heavily at the way you grasp your cock and run your hand up on your chest. Close, he almost yells at the anticipation of your jizz. When you blow, he takes the tissue you used to clean up and inhales your manliness. Gota loves being with guys who know how to treat a cock and hole; maybe next time you can show him how good man sex can be. Download the Full Video at

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Japan Twink Beach 2

24 October, 2012 (16:05) | JapanBoyz | By: admin

Here is JapanBoyz story from this hot new feature ; After seeing Koichi on the beach in the “Life Saver” scene, I knew I wanted him to come back and do a more “up close and personal” video. For, today we have “Twink Beach #2.” So what if we are filming in doors, it’s no reason for Koichi not to wear a hot Speedo and entertain us with his beach “skills.” Koichi begins by kissing the camera for us and fogs up the lens; his sweet pink lips can fog up anything he wants. He then stands to show us his suit. Bulging through the Speedos is his very nice cock, already at attention. Getting naked, he then bends and spreads for us, nice and wide. Winking his hole, Koichi aims to please; now if he’d just stand still, I could please him and myself. Turning around, this cutie then has us examine his balls, pubic hair and dick, uncut. As he strokes, the camera stays close, to get every inch. I must say, “zooming in,” does have lots of benefits.Playing with his foreskin as he jerks, I am enticed to see the dick, fully engorged. I pan up to catch Koichi going to his happy place, as his gorgeous eyes start to float. Ah, there we are, he is now fully erect as his balls harden and slap against his legs. His dick is rock hard and he “wags” himself, hands free. Koichi tugs again, he begins to pant and turn slowly around; his ass tightens and releases with each stroke. Coming full circle as he masturbates, I zoom in again, to watch his handy work. His lips fall open slightly as he gets closer. Looking right at the camera, he prepares to blow; he is so hot. Koichi steps up and shoots his load all over the camera; his white creamy goodness splatters in thick strips. After I lick up, I mean clean up the camera, Koichi does a little role playing. Being his partner, he is in front of you. Just imagine: his sweet plump lips kissing and licking you; his tongue caressing our mouth and neck; his eyes mesmerized while watching your cock grow as his “excitement” builds. Finally, there is the simultaneous release of energy and splooge. Koichi is such a hot and imaginative boy, enjoy. Download the Full Video at

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Japanese Gay Cum Drinker

22 October, 2012 (15:50) | BoyKakke | By: admin

Check out this new feature on BoyKakke ; Okay, the cameraman was having a little fun with Gota Yamaguchi, well, his bum anyway. This sexy twink has been in other films of ours, but is here today to blow a sleeping boy in, “Cum Drinker,” for I know what you’re thinking; this is a smart boy who really likes to give-a-head and you would be right. Gota’s ability to arouse and satisfy, in Speedos, is something to watch and enjoy. Getting a nice look at Gota, I don’t think there’s another boy who could wear those Speedos that well. Panning up and down his lean fit body, he turns around to flex his ass. The cameraman helps by “lifting” Gota’s Speedos for a closer examination of this twink’s cute bum. At a hotel, Gota sneaks into a room to slurp on another cute boy. To prepare himself for the work a-head, Gota warms up his mouth with some exercises; it is always important to stretch before swallowing.His friend is asleep so Gota takes full advantage and sneaks a peek. Pulling back the covers, he finds a very nice cut cock, already hard; the boy must be in a deep sleep, not even cold air on his hot dick wakes him. Using his tongue to moisten his work, Gota is soon bobbing up and down, while he looks into the camera; Gota has such beautiful eyes and he uses them so well to express the delight he is feeling. The camera catches a nice angle with Gota’s mouth, hard at work, and Gota’s package dangling between his legs, all in the same shot. Zooming in from behind Gota, then back to the front, we can see how those calisthenics helped his, mouth. Engulfing the boy’s dick, Gota inhales the scent of the pubes. Twisted and bobbing his head, Gota seems to really enjoy getting this boy up in the morning. As he holds the boy’s penis and sucks, we see the balls tighten and a nice patch of pubic hair covering his groin. As Gota services, you can also see his own dick harden and swell within his Speedos. Breathing heavier, Gota then jerks the boy’s dick and watches him closely. We soon hear the enjoyment of the boy as he gasps and fills Gota’s mouth and lips with sweet cream. Gota jerks himself and massages his precum in, tugging. Out of his Speedos, he is already close; sucking on the sleeping boy must have stimulated his own dick, nice how that happens. He closes his gorgeous eyes and moans, and then shoots a nice creamy load on the face of the boy he has just serviced. Download the Full Video at

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Leo Oda In Japan Beach Lust

13 September, 2012 (05:46) | JapanBoyz | By: admin

Sexy Leo Oda is 22, from Tokyo and is at the beach today, in a cute Speedo. He is here to introduce himself, show off some of his talents and peek our interest; let me tell you, this boy does. Leo likes Karaoke, hanging out at the water and working out, nice. For, this is Leo, a hottie with an interest in boys; any of you think you could help him out with that?

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The Life Saver

4 September, 2012 (14:50) | JapanBoyz | By: admin

Check out this great feature at JapanBoyz. Koichi is a good swimmer and surfer, so he decides to head out, alone, in the water. The lifeguard, Toshiyu Nomura, watches his only swimmer, Koichi. In this video, Toshiyu is in “Erotic Ninja: The Beach Lifesaver” and saves the life of the beautiful Koichi; will the lifesaver be thanked for his efforts? Toshiyu is really taken by Koichi and watches him intensely. Toshiyu reaches in his swim trunks to enjoy the view that much more. Suddenly, Toshiyu loses sight of the surfer, until he sees the swimmer lying on the beach, unconscious. Toshiyu works hard to revive the boy, including feeding him a cock. Dragging him further up on the secluded beach, Toshiyu performs mouth-to-cock inflation. Toshiyu’s skills come in handy as the blood flow is quickly brought to Koichi’s cock, thanks to the lifeguard’s mouth. As Koichi comes around, his cock flexes, responding to Toshiyu’s attention to nipple resuscitation; the more one sucks, the more one awakens. Koichi is still unconscious, but we know he’s alive. Suddenly, Koichi is able to get on all fours and pucker his asshole, a sure sign he is good enough to fuck. Toshiyu spits on Koichi’s hole and watches as the juices flow, in and out. Wanting to get an internal temperature, Toshiyu enters Koichi’s hole with his cock and thrusts. The temperature of the boy’s hole must be fluctuating because Toshiyu keeps taking it, over and over. A nice tight shot from above shows the intensity of this procedure, also the pleasure. Wanting to be thorough, Toshiyu keeps going until he has to pull his thermometer out and shoots a nice load of jizz into Koichi’s welcoming hole. Toshiyu then goes off to patrol the rest of the beach, but wait; Toshiyu realizes he revived the swimmer, but did not relieve him. Toshiyu goes back and follows through with his hands-on training. As Koichi squirts, Toshiyu’s hands are tired, but they served the surfer well. We leave the boys, on the secluded beach, wet. Download the full HD video at

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Cute Asian Boys In Speedos

22 October, 2011 (09:57) | BoyKakke | By: admin

You might remember two cute Asian twinks named Ken and Dam from the Boykakke gay Asian video ‘Boykakke on the Anime Nerd’ featured at Boykakke. This time, the Director brought these two hot Asian boys back for some fun in the sun! Ken and Dam are in little speedos, playing with each other in the water, splashing each other, and helping to teach each other how to swim. Afterwards, it’s off to the showers to get cleaned up.

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Singha Underwear Boy Big Dildo Fucked

18 August, 2011 (12:50) | GayAsianAmateurs | By: admin

Singha is the latest cute Asian boy to do a jerk off video for GayAsianAmateurs. He is 22, Thai, and loves to ‘have fun’. The kinky cameraman asks him if he can ‘ try on something sexy for me ‘, and Singha responds willingly. One thing about Singha is that this boy sure knows how to get hard. Before even trying on his first pair of underwear his cock is rock hard, what is this boy thinking about :)  This is one sexy boy and all the different pairs of underwear show his lean and smooth Asian body. And the nice bubble butt just shows right through. After posing with various underwear he gets down to naughty business and lays on the bed with hot blue speedos. Before long he is fingering his ass and puts a dildo deep inside that bubble butt. The cameraman is more than eager to give him a little helping hand by pushing the dildo even deeper, faster and harder up his ass making the hole gape wide. As his reward for putting on a great show Singha shoots a load of juicy cum all over the underwear. Anyone need a new pair of dirty cum greased underwear ?

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