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Meet sexy Asian boy Pipe from Thailand

Sexy Asian boy Pipe is a little underwear star on Twitter in Thailand.  He love to show off his sexy smooth body and thick cock.  Though I have yet to see any photos of him fully showing his complete cock and his face at the same time.  However he is cute as as a button and know how to show off:

He is a smart guy though, using himself as a model to sell more underwear. Wondering if he sell them used too, much more interesting!
150 bath a piece for CK-briefs , that is cheap…. Let me guess, copies! But I don’t care as long as he keep on posting those sexy photos, maybe Calvin Klein like em too.

Much more fun playing with you penis without underwear ? Damn he is hot! But he got videos too! Dancing almost nude to Thai remixes, similar “Thai Dance” videos are extremely popular in Thailand. Some guys have over a million followers, and that is what they do for a living. Love the way the world is made up!

And here is a nice surprise too, fun with Jock-straps! Damn I would love to eat THAT ass:

Peace out to Pipe and his sexy underwear collection. Follow him on Twitter, and you will find much more of his sexy photos and videos. AND don’t forget to FOLLOW ASIANBOYPORN! please…