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Gay Japanese Bottom Riding His Tea Drinking Buddy

Gay Japanese buddys having some tea outside in this JapanBoyz.com video. Keiji tell Takeru he like his muscled toned body; he suggests they go back to his room. Takeru surfs up and down Keiji’s frame before he blow him; That cock is big and thick. Lying down on their side, the boys do a 69; Looks amazing to suck and be sucked at the same time.
Keiji  prepare his hungry Asian hole, Takeru slides in a finger too, massaging his prostate. Positioning his hole over that thick cock, he work his way down, slowly. Thrusting up into ass, Takeru then takes Keiji missionary style; his hot body rocks back and forth. Jerking to release, they “copy” one another; Splash!

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Gay Japanese twink Keji

Keiji is such a sweet Japanese boy, with a great affection for big cocks!

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