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Massage Oil and Cum with Thai Twink Omn Namhot

18 February, 2013 (20:39) | Privateboymovie | By: admin

Omn Namhot is back in this new great set fresh from South Asia at PrivateBoyMovie. He is a very popular boy and always have a smile ready for every occasion. Omn is far from shy and after some sexy poses with a few clothes of the rest fall of too. Letting us see his petite smooth Asian body and rather well sized cock for such a small guy. He get a helping hand from the photographer, adding some baby oil to his soft skin making it even softer and shiny. Omn Namhot enjoy posing and giving us many different sexy views of his oil greased ass, and his cock going from soft to hard. Omn like any other good boy finishes off with a good jerking, resulting in cum all over his stomach and then mixed together with the baby oil for a perfect body-lotion. AND Don’t miss out on his other set and ass fucked videos too all available now at

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Asian Twink Omn Namhot is Cute and Horny

14 February, 2013 (19:07) | Privateboymovie | By: admin

Super-cute Omn Namhot just turned 20, but he looks barely 18. This guy now featured at PrivateBoyMovie is so delicious in his tighty whites, and even better without. Smooth tender Asian skin is what we like here, and Omn got plenty of  it! Here he exposes his hot body for the camera with a smile in almost every shot, showing his perfect shaped butt and hole. His cock is also perfect and long,! AND he shoot a pretty big load of cum for us all to enjoy.

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Asian Twink Omn Namhot Cum Drenched

5 February, 2013 (17:43) | Privateboymovie | By: admin

Omn Namhot is back for some double action at Here his buddy Boon Young join the crazy Cameraman for some assistance. Omn start out making his cock hard on the bed and he get to suck the cameraman’s white cock which he really has missed since last time. Then Boon stick his dark big brown cock into Omn’s mouth too, so he got to cocks to handle. After some good sucking Omn get into doggy-style while continue to suck Boon’s cock. The cameraman takes advantage of this and stick his tongue up Omn’s ass before fingering him. Then Omn get fucked in doggy first by the cameraman and then by Boon before they both fuck him in missionary. All this action makes Boon so ready to blow his load that he shoots all over Omn’s cute face, then he have to hurry out for a waiting customer who want a taste of that big cock too. The cameraman fuck Omn again, now much harder and faster making the horny boy whimper and finally shoot a big load of cum while having white cock pumping deep inside his ass. After smearing the cum all over his smooth body Omn turn his ass over and receives a even bigger load on his fresh fucked ass!

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Tia Anakon Asian Twink With Big Cock

1 January, 2013 (12:01) | Privateboymovie | By: admin

Tia Anakon is a very popular Asian twink featured at PrivateBoyMovie , and he is back again for slippery cum fun. This time his hair is much more short, and his appearance looks more masculine then before. Here he put oil on his sexy smooth Thai skin, and show us his nice big hard cock in all it’s hard shiny glory. His haircut around his cock is not bad either!

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Phuket Twink Anan Jerking and Fingering

29 December, 2012 (06:07) | Privateboymovie | By: admin

Here is gay Asian twink Anan up for a hot show off at Anan seems quite shy at first, like he is not brave enough to pull down his boxers, but with a helping hand he got the grip of it. Soon his semi hard cock get worked all hard by the Cameraman, and Anan seems not so shy to show it all anyways. Here he he also put his legs in the air and let us get a perfect view of his shaved little boy hole, while he finger fuck himself.

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Happy Thai Boy Wong Sexy Striptease and Cum

21 December, 2012 (12:10) | Privateboymovie | By: admin

Meet Wong , one of many cute Asian twinks and teens featured over at PrivateBoyMovie. This boy is a happy boy who love to spread his smile and cum over gay western tourist. As you might see, Wong got some experience posing for the camera. He has done several shoot exclusively for PrivateBoyMovie in the past, and he is a great performer who is always hard when needed and always cumming!

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Sexy Asian Feet, Spanking and Wanking with Phet

14 December, 2012 (00:01) | Privateboymovie | By: admin

Phet at  i a small Asian twink that is told to be always horny and he cum several times every day. Here he get a helping hand undressing while his cock is hard long before the clothes comes off, so it bounces out Then he get sprayed with body-lotion and having his sensitive nipples and cock massaged. Phet is near cumming several times! So the cameraman turn his attention to Phet’s small and sexy feet with allot of body lotion, making the giggling boy even more horny.Now see him get his ass smeared in with body-lotion and ass fingered. He also get jerked by the cameraman , and several times he has to stop so the boy not cum too early. Phet also enjoy getting his ass spanked by the cameraman, it makes his hard cock leaking clear precum on the sheets. AND more delicious  it get when Phet is finally allowed to shoot his big load of cum, he then laps it up and put it in his mouth with a helping hand from the cameraman.

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Asian Gay Twink Tia Anakon feat. Big Cucumber

7 December, 2012 (00:01) | Privateboymovie | By: admin

Cute tattooed and smooth shaved Thai twink Tia Anakon never get enough, and good is that because he is a very popular boy over at PrivateBoyMovie . He got great looks, great cock,  great hole and amazing tattoo’s.  He is versatile, love to fuck hard and getting fucked even harder. He is even able to take a full fist up his ass,  as you also can see on PrivateBoyMovie. Here he is up for a good self fuck with a large green cucumber, a very sexy and large hardcore set with a cum squirting end!

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Lay Yisoporn The Femboy Fuck and Fist Doll

16 November, 2012 (08:06) | Privateboymovie | By: admin

Lay Yisoporn , slim, dark skin, shaved and so ready for a good fuck at This guy is the perfect feminine boy fuck-doll. He invites us for a shower and he is not shy about getting nude. Soon his cock is hard, warm water and soap filling his smooth ass crack. Clean and ready he begs for fuck! When he get the cameraman’s white cock near his hole it opens and we can see right into his dark red boy-pussy. Soon the cock slides with ease deep into him and he whimpers and moans in pure pleasure while he get fucked in several positions.The cameraman continues to fuck Lay Yisoporn’s little ass hard and then switch over to a glass sex toy. It gets pushed hard in and out of Lay’s gaping sloppy dark red asshole, making it gasp even more. All this hard action makes his red anal rosebud poke out while he moans out loud. Fantastic anal exploration! Then Lay agrees for a fisting tryout, the hand goes deep and Lay is not willing to give it up easy. He moans out and tears are almost coming from his eyes while he shaking. The hand goes deeper and barely over the wrist, Lay is now one happy and exhausted boy! Now he rides the cameraman before jerking off his hard long dark cock, squirting cum all over himself. Lay then turns around and also got a cum squirting surprise from his exploited soar asshole…

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Phet The Spicy and Horny Thai Boy

20 September, 2012 (06:33) | Privateboymovie | By: admin

Free gallery with Phet from PrivateBoyMovie, in the full set he fingers his ass and finally cum. Did you know that ” Phet ” mean “spicy” in Thai ? I know  Phet here is  quite a and spicy boy. The rumors tells me that he is a horny Pattaya whore, and is not shy to show off and he is a great bottom. Even he does not have a very big dick, Phet also love to fuck and lick ass. I can not imagine why, but friends of mine with allot of experience with Thai boys tell me they are not to keen on licking their asses when having sex! But Phet does it with pleasure! Such a good Asian Slut! :)

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